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June National Speakers Series—Hoodzpah Design

Presenter: Amy & Jen Hood
Location: Rock Bottom (Downtown Indy)
Date: Wednesday, June 18th, 2014
Time: 4:30 to 6:00

We’re excited to have Amy and Jen Hood of Hoodzpah Design Co. (Newport Beach, CA) for our June National Speakers Series event.

Tickets are $20 for members an $30 for non-members. Click here to reserve your seat(s).


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“Context is Queen”

Context is everything in design—from correctly contextualizing your client and their demographic so that you can best address their branding needs, to contextualizing your designs to decipher versatility and to sell them to your client.

Join us on Wednesday, June 18 and hear Amy & Jen Hood share their battlefield-tested thoughts on designing with context, including:

• How we consider a project’s context before ever designing a thing (and get paid for it).

• How to show your work in context to persuade and impress clients.

• There’s nothing new under the sun. But the right play on context turns everything on its head, creating a new layer of meaning.

• The keys to using context in communication so you waste less of your (and the client’s) time.

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Learn more about Hoodzpah Design Co.:

Hope to see you there.



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