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Internship Info for Educators

AAF Indy is happy to announce our web-based GeNext Internship resource for college/university students. Quite simply, it is an online resource where your students can find internship opportunities that will be beneficial as they look for ways to put classroom learning to practice. Through this resource, you can help students meet their academic requirements of internship participation by helping them gain “real world” experience in a professional environment.

As an educator, you can lead students to available internships that are posted as GeNext Internship listings. You can then assist in matching the best internship opportunity with your students.

It is a win-win for academics, students, AAF members and companies they represent.

Here’s how it works:

1) Visit
Visit or guide your students to the site to view available internship opportunities posted.

2) Help your student make contact with the Internship Host
Once you or your student makes contact with a potential internship host, you can discuss and establish expectations for both student and internship host. This internship connection will involve you, your student and the internship host company. AAF Indy will not participate in the management of the internship relationship.

3) Watch your students grow!
Students who participate in internship programs get a chance to put their knowledge and talent to practice through internships. Often times, they even lead to job offers!

CLICK BELOW to view GeNext Internship Opportunities!

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