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Internship Information for Businesses

Do you have an opportunity to place an intern at your firm? Would you like to introduce an upcoming professional to life in the real working world? If so, the new AAF/Indy GeNext Internship program is for you.

Size of your company does not matter. What matters is if you can use the assistance of a student who is eager to learn about your business and gain “real professional experience” allowing him/her to also meet their course requirements. Although their skills may not be what yours have come to be, they are still capable of contributing to projects while gaining a new perspective on the business of advertising, marketing, or whatever your company does.

Here’s how it works:

1) Complete Internship Posting Form
With your internship offering posted on our website, students, university professors and instructors will be able to connect with you.

2) Connect
Once you connect with your student intern and university representative, you can discuss and establish expectations for both student and internship host. This is key, as your student intern may need to meet certain academic requirements.

3) Let the learning begin
When you host a student intern, it’s a win-win! Students meet their academic requirements, gain real professional experience while you, the host company, and are able to gain from their talents while they are under your roof. Some internships even lead to employment!

Internship Online Posting Form

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