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Internship Information for Students

Welcome to AAF/Indy’s GeNext Internship postings! Our goal is to connect you to companies and vice-versa for possible internships. Good luck in landing an internship with one of our AAF/Indy Member companies.

Here’s how it works:

1) Browse the list of posted internships
Each internship posting is different, offering a myriad of experiential learning and professional experiences. Some internships are at small firms. Some at larger firms. Whatever your interest or study path, please know that ALL professional experience is good for you as you build your resume and portfolio.

2) Act quickly and meet with your academic sponsor
Once you have one or two potential internships, act fast – internships are filled quickly by other students who are quick to respond to internship postings. You may also meet with your academic advisor to bring them into the process of selecting an internship that best suites you.

3) Meet with your potential host. Close the deal.
Your internship host will need to know the rules of engagement. They will need to understand the required expectations for you, your academic requirements and how they will engage you as an intern. They’ll also need to know their evaluation process for your academic requirements.

Good luck!

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