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Become an AAF GeNext Speaker

AAF/Indy’s GeNext Speakers Bureau is open to all AAF members who wish to participate as guest speakers in the university classroom This is your chance to share your know-how and passion to students wanting to break into the advertising industry.

It doesn’t matter if you have five or thirty five years industry experience to participate as a GeNext Speaker. What matters is if you have a heart to teach college students by offering your knowledge, expertise, insights and experiences.

Topics can fit into many categories, including the future of advertising, design, new technology, consumer trends, advertising creative, legislative issues, and account service, but we know there are other exciting topics that you may bring to the table.

Here’s how it works:

1) Complete the on-line GeNext Speakers Bureau Application
With your speaker information in our data base, university professors and college instructors will have access to you, your experience, and potential “speaking” topics of interest. If they choose to invite you as a speaker, they will connect with you DIRECTLY via email or phone. Be sure to fill out the form as completely and as creatively as possible. Link to Application

2) Prepare your presentation
Download the AAF/GeNext LEAD and END pages for your title slide. They are intended to brand AAF/Indy with students as you await the start of your presentation.

Think about what you want students to learn from your talk. PPT or Prezi presentations are appropriate, but check with your university contact to ensure web access. Keep your talk to approximately 30 minutes to allow time for Q&A with students.

3) Speaker Etiquette
Confirm time, date, place. Be on time. Be prepared. Be engaging. Be encouraging. Be neat in appearance. Smile. Finally, don’t do a sales pitch for products or services…not allowed. You are the face of AAF. Be classy.

4) Compensation
As you guessed, no fees are paid to GeNext speakers. What you gain in “giving” and growing as a speaker exceeds any compensation.

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